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Hadean’s Metaverse-ready technology enable’s users to rapidly create and explore courses-of-action, distributed across participants in geographically dispersed locations, leveraging open architecture to integrate incumbent and 3rd party systems and datasets for scenario configuration.

Wargaming is critical for exploring scenarios at the national, strategic, operational and tactical levels across domains through scenario-based warfare models. By allowing personnel to simulate different scenarios, test out strategies, and hone their skills without risking their lives or the lives of others, wargaming can help identify weaknesses in doctrine and equip troops with the tools they need to make sound decisions under pressure.

Cloud-native metaverse technology is able to stitch capabilities together to create a robust, persistent and accessible wargaming experience that reflects the real world with accuracy and enables users to rehearse and repeat scenarios.

Enabling Threat-Informed Wargaming

British Army

Hadean has been working with the British Army Collective Training Transformation Programme to develop and deliver a next-generation cloud-native simulation. Powered by Hadean’s Metaverse-ready platform, the partnerships aims at accelerating training through data-driven performance improvements.

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