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Test and Evaluation

Hadean enables the rapid assessment of capabilities in an interoperable digital twin against requirements to ensure a battle-winning operational advantage. Through unlimited test scenarios, researchers are able to maximise data exploitation and feed results directly into modelling and simulation tools.

Effective Test & Evaluation (T&E) ensures that end-users are equipped with cutting-edge technology, at pace and against requirements. Development and procurement processes however can be affected by the lack of adequate evidence to evaluate risks and data sharing inconsistencies between research and acquisition. 

With the support of a Metaverse-ready platform, training, experimentation and acquisition can be connected in a virtual world to test equipment in realistic environments and unlimited scenarios faster and accelerate the development of new technologies. By feeding training outcomes directly into modelling and simulation tools, data exploitation can be maximised to better evaluate risks and build a consistent and agile T&E cycle.

Data-driven Capability Development

City Scale Synthetic Environment - CAE

Hadean and CAE have been working together to develop 3D replicas of strategic geographies and high fidelity country-scale digital twin supporting 10M+ complex entities, enabling rapid scenario analysis with multi-user participation – concurrent C2 to tactical users.

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