Test and Evaluation

Hadean empowers digital twins to rapidly asses capabilities in an interoperable against requirements and ensure a battle-winning operational advantage. Through unlimited test scenarios, researchers are able to maximise data exploitation and feed results directly into modelling and simulation tools.

Effective Test & Evaluation (T&E) ensures that end-users are equipped with cutting-edge technology, at pace and against requirements.

Development and procurement processes however can be affected by the lack of adequate evidence to evaluate risks and data sharing inconsistencies between research and acquisition. With the support of a Metaverse-ready platform, training, experimentation and acquisition can be connected in a virtual world to test equipment in realistic environments and unlimited scenarios faster and accelerate the development of new technologies. By feeding training outcomes directly into modelling and simulation tools, data exploitation can be maximised to better evaluate risks and build a consistent and agile T&E cycle.

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Evaluating C-UAS operations in an LVC synthetic environment - October Sky

Hadean participated in the inaugural industry event, October Sky, in Australia, to demonstrate the ability of AI-powered spatial computing to test and evaluate the impact of high-energy C-UAS operations in an LVC synthetic environment.

Multi-Domain Training

Simulate real world scenarios by federating novel and legacy systems to deliver immersive and realistic Live, Virtual and Constructive training for impactful and consistent performance improvements.

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Decision Support

Rapidly simulate and explore unlimited what-if scenarios to develop situational awareness and better understand risk, logistic planning and potential outcomes.

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Wargaming is critical for exploring scenarios at the national, strategic, operational and tactical levels across domains through scenario-based warfare models.

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