What can Defence Training & Simulation learn from gaming? (Part 1)

In an era where video games have captured the imagination of billions and become a thriving industry of their own, it's worth exploring what lessons the defence industry can learn from this virtual realm. From feedback loops that enhance enjoyment, to scoreboards that foster competitive mindsets, gaming has harnessed various strategies to captivate and engage players. But the connections between gaming and defence go beyond mere entertainment. 

Powering the Military Metaverse: Pushing boundaries as a software enabler in defence

As military theorist, B. H. Liddell Hart, surmised: "The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out.” But it's not impossible. This was made clear at IT²EC where we presented how proven and repeatable cloud-native solutions can deliver real value to the end-user. 

The Emergence of A Military Metaverse In 5 Examples

The military helped build the Internet and they are helping to build the metaverse too.  Indeed, military involvement in the metaverse can be traced back to the 1960s and here we will explore some of these military-sponsored developments that have helped contribute to the building of the metaverse and how such work continues today.

Project OdySSEy – A glimpse of the Military Metaverse

Led and integrated by BAE Systems Air, powered by Hadean and supported by a range of innovative SMEs, Project OdySSEy set out to rethink collective training and create a metaverse-ready single synthetic environment (SSE) that enables air, land, sea, space and cyber forces to plug in and train together.

Hadean in Kenya: Learnings and Outcomes (Part 2)

As the dust settles following our trip to Kenya, we take a step back and zoom out to reflect on what was achieved during our deployment with the British Army Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP) and consider the key learnings we took from the exercise.

Hadean in Kenya: Deploying a cloud-native simulation for live British Army exercises in Africa (Part 1)

Beside the spender of Mount Kenya and amidst abundant wildlife the British Army is exploiting Web 3.0 technology to stream and visualise live training outcomes from a remote operating environment in Kenya to military leaders in Army HQ in the UK.

Supporting the Defence and Armed Forces community as a trusted cloud hyperscaler

Innovation stems from collaboration, and collaboration is only possible when system integrators and end-users maintain a strong sense of community and look to push the defence industry forward.

What Is The Military Metaverse And Why Is Defence Looking To Exploit It?

From next-gen heads-up display helmets that allow pilots to train with or fight against AR fighter jets, to AI-powered advisors that can help soldiers take more informed decisions on the fly during real-time missions, technological marvels are changing how modern Armed Forces operate, both at home and during deployment. Looking closely at the nature of ... What Is The Military Metaverse And Why Is Defence Looking To Exploit It?
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