Keeping ahead of the AI curve at DSEI with Hadean’s Platform for Defense

By Royal O'Brien

In the “Train as we fight” era, defense is always looking to improve and create the most accurate simulation scale to ensure the most informed strategies and decisions. These simulations can vary from hundreds in a small area to tens of thousands or more within an entire theatre of operations.. 

Current technologies in the simulation field have limitations that affect their ability to handle large-scale data and complex intelligence requirements in a single theater.  Many of these solutions tend to primarily focus on the more manageable smaller-scale data, leaving gaps in the necessary insights when interacting as a whole. Many of these solutions have traditionally required specialized code, extensive integration efforts, or complex orchestration processes to extract the relevant patterns from real-world outcomes, especially in intricate real-world scenarios. Consequently, inadequate simulation systems and dated software infrastructure pose challenges to modern militaries in fully harnessing the potential of next-generation technologies like AI, ML, and AR/XR. This situation can result in missed opportunities and may impact decision-making processes. 

At Hadean, we consider it essential, as pioneers in technology, to take the lead in innovation and facilitate the defense sector’s ability to leverage emerging capabilities promptly and effectively. To this end, as we continue to pursue our mission of bridging physical and virtual worlds, we have augmented the Hadean Platform for Defense to offer a solution that ensures exceptional military strategy, readiness, and decision support for users in the UK and around the globe.

However, converting enormous volumes of raw data into a synthetic environment that delivers digestible information and quality advice requires advanced AI and Large Language Model (LLM) integrations, like GenAI. These integrations empower users to extract meaningful insights when combined with an intuitive front-end visualization. To accurately create an entire theater, deploying a distributed Pattern of Life simulation engine is paramount. This engine excels in accurately replicating civilian behavior and services within a realistic environment, thus playing a pivotal role in developing strategies. This environment, coupled with AI and LLM, gives commanders a decisive edge.

From our recent work with partners in the British Army and the UK Ministry of Defense, Hadean has demonstrated its flexibility and adaptability as an innovative SME by addressing these capability gaps and enhancing the Hadean Platform for Defense with novel technologies that further augment its spatial computing engine. It integrates allies, domains, echelons, systems, and technologies into a common operating picture across live/physical and synthetic/virtual environments to enhance combat readiness and situational awareness.

The Hadean Platform for Defense will be demonstrated at Hadean’s stand, H2-130, in the DSEI Future Tech Hub, for the first time,  providing live demonstrations of a persistent synthetic world throughout the event. This demonstration will highlight how the platform’s spatial computing capabilities, combined with AI models and libraries, seamlessly connect physical and virtual worlds.

You can catch live demonstrations of the Hadean Platform for Defense at DSEI 2023, taking place twice a day – 11:30 and 15:30 – at the Hadean Stand H2-130 from Tuesday, September 12th through Friday, September 15th.

Besides the live demonstration of the Hadean Platform for Defense, we have other demos in collaboration with our partners, fireside chats and more lined up for DSEI. Check out the full DSEI 2023 schedule on our landing page. To book a meeting with the Hadean team at DSEI 2023 head here.