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Supporting the vision of AI-powered spatial computing – Andrew Naismith

In the fast-evolving landscape of defence technology, the integration of AI-powered spatial computing is truly heralding a new era of innovation. It is a ‘game-changer’ that is already delivering transformative solutions, supporting alliances and enabling seamless integrations of services, systems, and technologies. As I begin my new chapter with Hadean, this blog will share some ... Supporting the vision of AI-powered spatial computing – Andrew Naismith

Evaluating C-UAS operations in an LVC synthetic environment – October Sky

Hadean participated in the inaugural industry event, October Sky, in Australia, to demonstrate the ability of AI-powered spatial computing to test and evaluate the impact of high-energy C-UAS operations in an LVC synthetic environment.

Hadean AI – Real-time simulation scenario generation

Scenario design for simulations can be slow and time consuming. With Hadean’s AI capability you can get more out of your simulations and create mission specific scenarios on-the-fly using a natural language interface. Design, explore, iterate fast and generate decision advantage.

Hadean AI – Explorable 3D Worlds For Enhanced Situational Awareness

Hadean AI transforms live data feeds into up-to-date explorable 3D views, capturing critical information for mission planning and rehearsal. Exploit data by comparing historical perspectives and identifying pattern changes to remove surprises and risks.

Hadean & Snowflake – Contextualise And Exploit Data, At Scale

What happens to all the data generated during military training? Hadean has partnered with Snowflake to power training analysis, fusing Hadean’s federated simulations with Snowflakes rich databases. Our team up brings training data together, over space and time, to contextualise it analyse it through combined operating picture.

Bridging Physical & Virtual Worlds: The Military Metaverse

Military simulations thought-leader, Andy Fawkes, explores a future of blended, 3D and persistent synthetic environments which can bridge the gap between physical and virtual worlds and augment all aspects of defence for battle-winning strategy, decision making and readiness.

Intern Diaries: AI and Innovation at Hadean

Internships at Hadean provide an invaluable opportunity to delve into the challenges and excitement of working within a dynamic and rapidly evolving technology-driven atmosphere. In the blog post below, one of our recent interns, Henry Holden shares his impressions from a week-long internship in the Innovation Department. Henry provides an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the pace, interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity of projects, and the innovative, high-performance culture that distinguishes Hadean.

What Does The Metaverse-Ready Defence Enterprise Of The Future Look Like? 

The Imperative Current conflict and history tell us that warfare is multi-domain in nature and there is no sign this will stop being the case.  The complexity and breadth of the battlespace with more involvement of space and cyber domains, the massive increase of data, and the growing importance and complexity of influencing people’s perceptions ... What Does The Metaverse-Ready Defence Enterprise Of The Future Look Like? 
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