Decision Support

Keeping ahead of the AI curve at DSEI with Hadean’s Platform for Defense

In the “Train as we fight” era, defense is always looking to improve and create the most accurate simulation scale to ensure the most informed strategies and decisions. These simulations can vary from hundreds in a small area to tens of thousands or more within an entire theatre of operations..  Current technologies in the simulation ... Keeping ahead of the AI curve at DSEI with Hadean’s Platform for Defense

Hadean Talks: Building an integrated force and the race to digital supremacy

This Hadean Talks session discusses the key elements of building an integrated force and comment on the proliferation of novel spatial and AI technologies in defence.

Level Up: Recruitment And Retention In The Military Metaverse 

Recruiting and retaining warfighters is critical to the success of the military and an enduring challenge.  A huge variety of roles must be filled and in numbers not seen in many other organisations at such scale. 

From Decision Support to Decision Advantage

Discover how Hadean partnered with Cervus to combine AI-powered data analytics with spatial computing and accelerate decision support for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Solution Brief: The Military Metaverse Platform for Defence

The Hadean Platform overcomes computational challenges to ensure novel and legacy simulations are scalable and interoperable. Find out how in our solution brief.

Enabling Command Operations and Training in a Complex World

Catch up with Alan Roan, CEO of Cervus, to discuss how SMEs like Hadean and Cervus are driving the digital transformation of Defence.

Next Generation Cloud-Native Decision Support for Defence, Powered By Hadean

Watch how Hadean collaborated with flagship partners CAE to create a digital twin of Estonia to drive efficient decision making across defence and governance.

What can Defence Training & Simulation learn from gaming? (Part 1)

In an era where video games have captured the imagination of billions and become a thriving industry of their own, it's worth exploring what lessons the defence industry can learn from this virtual realm. From feedback loops that enhance enjoyment, to scoreboards that foster competitive mindsets, gaming has harnessed various strategies to captivate and engage players. But the connections between gaming and defence go beyond mere entertainment.