Bridging physical and virtual worlds at DSEI 2023

By John Cottrell

All-hands on deck as we prepare for this year’s key calendar event – DSEI! Attending the show for the first time as an exhibitor, we cannot wait to find ourselves onsite in the Future Tech Hub, alongside like-minded defence technology disruptors. We are also keen to welcome visitors to our stand, H2-130, where we have a lot in store including announcements, demos and partner showcases. 

The Hadean Way at DSEI

At Hadean we believe that the next generation of technologies will be persistent, real-time and involve blended realities. This is why our mission is to mobilise spatial computing to bridge physical and virtual worlds and enable military leaders to gain a strategic edge and ensure force readiness.

At DSEI visitors will have the opportunity to experience interoperability and systems integration like never before through demonstrations of our Hadean Defence Platform. Fitted with new AI and Large Language Model (LLM) integrations, our platform is primed to create a common operating picture for allies, suppliers and services, connecting novel and legacy technologies for training, decision support and wargaming. Exclusive run throughs of our scenario will be delivered for the duration of the show at 11:30 and 15:30, 12-15 September.

Our Innovation Team will also be onsite to showcase how applications of Generative AI can enhance virtual worlds in defence and populate LVC synthetic training environments with real-time civilian behaviour. Visit our stand on Tuesday 12th for an exclusive look of the capability at 12:00 and 13:30 PM.

Join Hadean Drinks Reception

The Future Tech Hub will be the centre of disruptive technology and innovation and we are excited to be one of the leading thought-leaders exhibiting in this space. To celebrate our ongoing collaborations we will be welcoming visitors at our stand, H2-130, for casual drinks on Wednesday 13 September at 16:00. Be sure to stop by our stand for a refreshing beverage and some networking chatter. See you there!

Welcoming Hadean’s Defence Partner Ecosystem

We’re excited to welcome numerous members of our defence partner ecosystem to our stand who will present and showcase the groundbreaking technologies they have developed and orchestrated, enabled and powered by Hadean’s Defence Platform. 

  • CAE: Our partners, CAE, will join us throughout the event to present the scalability and interoperability of the next-generation of single synthetic environments (SSE).
  • BITES: BITES will be on our stand for the duration of the event to deliver demos in VR of their Military Metaverse, showcasing its applicabilities in the modern operating environment. Join us for an exclusive look of their capabilities.
  • PLEXSYS: Modelling and simulation experts, Plexsys, will deliver demos of their Ascot 7 high-fidelity environment generator and reflect space and maritime domains.
  • October Sky: Learn about the experimentation trials, orchestrated by Chaos1 in Sydney, Australia, and Hadean’s role as a technology enabler. The initiative aims to tackle critical challenges set out by the Australian Department of Defence and boost innovation.
  • Snowflake: Cloud data exploitation experts, Snowflake, will showcase how their data aggregation and representation software can be integrated with Hadean’s spatial computing platform to generate quality advice and decision support for military and business leaders. Don’t miss out on the exciting fireside chat with Snowflake CTO, Winston Chang, on Thursday 14th at 13:00 PM which will look at AI training in defence.

Taking point on the showfloor

In addition to activities taking place on our stand, Hadean is also playing a prominent role as a pioneer and thought-leader in harnessing novel technologies. We are proud to be one of the must-visit organisations on this year’s DSEI Trails which will help visitors navigate the showfloor by highlighting the most innovative exhibitors. We’ll also be part of this year’s agenda as our Head of Defence, Nick Brown, will join senior military and industry leaders to discuss “What does a digitally enabled defence learning and talent management approach look like” at the Naval Forum on Friday 15th at 11:30.  

Book A Meeting

Keen to meet us at DSEI? Head to our landing page to find out more about our presence onsite and keep track of a detailed schedule of our activities. Be sure to book a meeting in advance to secure your opportunity for a discussion with our team here.