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Multi-Domain Training

Hadean is powering the next generation of multi-domain training in single synthetic environments that are scalable, interoperable, secure, and deeply integrated with real-world data.

Simulation systems have long been used to train troops in domain-specific scenarios and skillsets. By simulating real-world environments to a high degree of fidelity in immersive synthetic environments, metaverse-ready militaries are able to develop situational awareness, improve performance, save on costs  and enhance force preparedness. 

However, synthetic training environments have come up against the constraints of legacy computation and networking technology which, until recently, have only allowed for these simulations to be built in isolation from each other, and with limited fidelity and scope.

Powering Next Generation Collective Training

Blurring the line between the physical and digital world

Project OdySSEy - BAE Systems Air

BAE and Hadean have partnered to integrate multi-domain synthetic environments and enable complex collective training scenarios in a secure-by-design digital environment. In collaboration with a partner ecosystem, Project OdySSEy delivers a glimpse of the Military Metaverse.

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