Join Hadean at I/ITSEC

November 27th – December 1st | Orlando, FL

Find us at Booth 1954

Hadean will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2023 alongside the most innovative companies in the MS&T industry. Led by this year’s event theme, “Maintaining a Global Force in a Digital World”, our attendance will focus on our core objective: enabling the military to gain a strategic edge, augment decision making and optimise force preparation and readiness.

Our spatial computing platform is the infrastructure that enables defence and intelligence allies, domains and functions to create a common operating picture across physical and virtual worlds, integrating existing solutions and capabilities with novel technologies, such as AI and LLM (GenAI).

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  • Monday 27th November 2023

    • 15:00
      Hadean Platform for Defence Demo Showcase:

      Understand the operating environment faster. Discover how Hadean’s AI-powered spatial computing platform integrated allies, domains, systems and technologies to deliver the war room of tomorrow for military and government decision-makers.

  • Tuesday 28th November 2023

    • 15:00
      Hadean Platform for Defence Demo Showcase
  • Wednesday 29th November 2023

    • 11:00
      Innovation Showcase:

      Training Tomorrow's Warriors: Towards Generative AI in LVC Military Simulations - Join our VP of Innovation, Chris Arhturs, who will talk about the transformative potential of Gen AI and LLM technologies and present how they can be applied to generate immersive and realistic training that accurately reflects the complexity of the modern battlespace.

    • 15:00
      Hadean Platform for Defence Demo Showcase
    • 15:30
      Hadean Booth Drinks:

      You’re invited to join us for drinks at our stand!

  • Thursday 30th November 2023

    • 11:00
      Hadean Platform for Defence Demo Showcase
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