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Decision Support

At the heart of warfighting is the ability to make timely decisions. Hadean is supporting the development of decision support toolsets that can speed up the aggregation and analysis of data to generate valuable insights for decision makers.

Information is critical for leaders faced with tough choices in the modern operating environment or the complex defence procurement process. The need for rapid decisions can have an enormous impact on the amount of data obtained and processed and data must be presented in a manner that can be easily digested given the limitations of human capacity – too much information is as unhelpful as too little.

Platform technology that allows quick repetition of scenarios, easily modified to emphasise points of differentiation and comparison, can contribute valuable data insight to ensure that decision makers have the information they need to maintain the advantage over time and circumstances.

From Decision Support To Decision Advantage


Hadean and Cervus have been working in lockstep to deliver a cloud-native decision support tool, The Forge, to the UK Ministry of Defence, capable of running numerous ‘what if’ simulations, aggregating data, testing innovative solutions to pressing strategic issues and accelerating decision-making.

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