Hadean Selected for CTTP Contract with the British Army

By Anthony Tomlins

We are thrilled to have been selected to support the British Army Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP) Pathfinder Project, focusing on federating live data feeds into a single immersive simulation. 

Synthetic environments have become increasingly important to the training capabilities of modern militaries. With them, militaries have a safe and ultra-repeatable means of drilling tactics and plans, simulating an endless array of real-world scenarios without the cost and impracticality of setting these up in physical environments. Furthermore, synthetic training environments enable seamless playback and data analysis for identifying and ironing out kinks in tactical preparedness, crucial for boosting  readiness and operational efficiency. Ultimately, this is technology that helps to save lives and achieve mission success.

There is plenty room for improvement in today’s synthetic training environments, with lack of scale, fidelity and cross-domain interoperability placing a hard limit on their usefulness. As ex-serviceman Nick Brown reflects on in this video, programmes like CTTP and Strategic Command’s Defence Synthetic Environment Platform (DSEP) have highlighted the particular importance of achieving technological innovations that would allow for collective training in cross-domain synthetic environments as a standard. Bringing the various military domains together in a single persistent training environment will enable better preparedness and synchronicity between domains, as is necessary  in real-world operations. As global strategic tensions escalate and CGS announces a focus on Op MOBILISE, it is essential for the British Army to have a roadmap for achieving this. 

A cross-domain synthetic environment must allow for a high degree of flexibility, enabling a broad variety of scenarios to be simulated, on demand, across various viewpoints, be it on land, air and sea, or a high-level strategic perspective. It will also require storage and orchestration for a huge amount of live data, as well as a way of aggregating relevant data for useful data analysis and decision support.

This next generation of synthetic training environments calls for an evolution in computing, requiring unprecedented levels of scale, connectivity and flexibility in deployment, the likes of which we are uniquely equipped to provide through our Hadean Platform.

We are grateful to see an increasing willingness on the part of the Ministry of Defence to engage directly with SMEs like Hadean to achieve technological goals through its programmes. Having been selected for this CTTP Pathfinder project, we will deliver a demonstrator that uncovers new potential for introducing cutting-edge collective synthetic training capabilities into the British Army. This project will draw on our experience in achieving scale, fidelity and complexity in synthetic training environments with the likes of CAE and BAE, as well as our work with Cervus on complex data orchestration for their Digital Decision Support Engine, The Forge.

By merging large-scale, interoperable synthetic training environments with complex live-data orchestration, we hope to provide a foundation for the British Army to gain the upper hand in complex circumstances, equipping troops with life-saving battle preparedness and radically boosting confidence in operational success.