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The emergence and rapid proliferation of new technologies is drastically changing the landscape of modern warfare.

Rising costs and tight budgets, in the meantime, are putting pressure on defence and military decision-making. The future of defence capability development and deployment will be driven by digital transformation.

Hadean is integrating military training systems, operations and business functions into a single, persistent, interoperable and secure ecosystem to enable immersive and data-driven experiences for end-users, accelerating the development of a Military Metaverse.

Blurring the line between the physical and digital world

Powering the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme

Hadean's Metaverse infrastructure integrates legacy and novel simulations into a robust and scalable single synthetic environment, enabling next generation multi-domain training and decision support capabilities for the British Army and a clear roadmap to a scalable and interoperable Military Metaverse.

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What is the Military Metaverse?

The Military Metaverse is the convergence of Armed Forces' virtual worlds, digital functions and physical operations into a single, augmented, scalable, persistent, interoperable and secure synthetic environment that can be used 24/7 to inform recruitment, procurement, training, R&D and mission ops, delivering next-gen immersive experiences and effective decision support.

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